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Hello all, From messing with my blemish i've encouraged an unslightly mark..

a somewhat indentation...perhaps it's a boxcar or maybe a shallow pit. I've had it for a few months now and ofcourse it makes me feel TERRIBLE.

I consulted with my derm who sent me to a skin clinic about an hour away. First impressions

count & my new doc seems extremely well-mannered and caring (hopefully he stays like that)

anywho my second consultation is in a month where he will determine:

the severity of my scarring

what treatment i'll need and how many

the usual...

NOWi've already been handed out pamphlets on the ProFractional Laser for resurfacing

acne scars, and the Candela V-beam Laser for iliminating the red marks inflicted from

early scars.

The redness i have is subsiding so i'll probably just be receiving the ProFractional

his nurse believed i'd need 1-2 treatments...I reckon i'll probably end up with getting 4-5.

So mid Mayi very well could be starting my FIRST FRACTIONAL LASER TREATMENT

...extremely nervous but desperate for improvement

Okay. I promise to post pictures and updates after all my treatments

with advice and whatever else i can possibly do, because i know how stressful it can be

not knowing your options, or the capability of a product.

Til Next Time... Bella x :angel:

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