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Baking Soda?


My name is Lucas and I decided to try a baking soda mask and it worked beautifully. I saw it online and thought I would give it a try. All you have to do is mix some baking soda with water and apply to the spot of your acne. Leave it on for around 5 minutes then wash it off. You will feel your skin smoother already! This works and I thought I would share this with you!

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Baking soda is highly alkaline, and really not good for your skin.

In the short run -- yes, right after you use it, your skin will look better. This is partly a result of the exfoliation effect from the scrub, and partly the cleansing effect of the alkaline solution.

In the long run, however, baking soda (as well as alkaline soaps) will damage your skin's acid mantle, the protective layer that keeps out harmful bacteria.

For more info, see pinned post on Importance of pH in this forum.

EDIT: If you are dead-set on using baking soda, you should definitely use an acidic toner afterward to help restore a healthy pH to your skin. Many people use a solution of 50% apple cider vinegar, 50% water.

Personally I think it's best not to use baking soda at all, but to each their own.

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