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Ineed help. im wondring if switching between acne products constantly bad?

for example i started using clean and clear advantage ki.t didnt work for nothing, so like i then immediatly the next day i switched to proactive , and was only two days after using advantage kit, so i was using pro-active for about 2 weeks now but it made my acne worse i got new solitary random pimples , (big ones too). so today my friend gave me velocity and i had applied pro-active in the morning my friend gave me the velocity and when i got home i washed my face and put the velocity on (this is the same day). so iw as wondering if switching between products like that bad? is that bad or does it affect my face in any way? am i in grave danger of messing up my face? plz asnwer me quick thanks

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I'm not sure about "grave" danger, but yes doing what you're doing is not smart. You need to stick with ONE treatment at a time, not two at once, three at once, or 1 and half at once... ;) But in my experience with treatments such as Clearasil or Proactive..... it's pretty crappy. It's different for everyone, but maybe you're one of them.

Also, you need to be on your treatment for about a month (on average) to start seeing a positive difference (if there is one).

What I would suggest is taking some vitamins (which is allowed while doing an external treatment such as Proactive).

Try 50mg of Zinc a day or

500mg of Vitamin C a day or

1000mg/2000mg of B5 (Pantothenic Acid) a day.

Out of three, if you had to choose one, I would try Zinc.

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I've moved this to the Over-The-Counter Acne Medications forum.

And keep in mind that acne can take weeks to form, so you need to give treatments a fair shot before moving on. You can't expect immediate results, because if you're going from treatment to treatment, any breakouts you might get could have been forming before you were even using whichever treatment you're trying out at the time.

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