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YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG - What salt do you use Sea or Himalayan Rock Salt?

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According to Dr Hal Huggins... you know the guy who told us all about Mercury Amalgam fillings and the damage it was causing the whole human anatomy - right?

The guy that stood up against the corporate and corrupt FDA then and now?

The guy that lost it all to tell us all that the FDA was wrong about putting a poison in our bodies?

Well the same expert says we should not put Sea Salt or Himalayan Rock Salt in our bodies because we lose the electron!!! We are electrical beings we need that spare electron which is lost in time with sea salt and Himalayan Rock salt. When Morton processes their canning and pickling salt they add the electron! However be sure not to buy any odd Morton salt as some are toxic and poisonous!

You have to listen to this free Podcast guys as Dr Hal Huggins explains it so well to Patrick Timpone:

Recently One Radio Network interviewed an expert from the Gerson Therapy. Charlotte Gerson. The interview was awesome. Now she believes that we should not eat any salt as the body see this as poison and she is aged 87 and in perfect good health and never has salt! She says that when folks come to the Gerson Clinic they are very ill so they see the smallest change in their diet has a huge effect and just small amount of sodium be it celery, Himalayan or sea salt they notice a huge difference.

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