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just looking for recommendations or advice on my type of skin.

Currently I'm on minocycline ( for about 4 months ) but it doesn't seem to have the impact it once did a few years ago when I've used it. I've used other products such as tetracycline ( makes me feel ill and had even less effect), Differin ( too harsh on the skin ) and a few others when i was younger. Anything I've ever used on my skin seems to dry it and case more breakouts so pills have been the only thing that has had any affect. I wash my face twice daily but it takes literally minutes for my skin to be covered in oil ( nasty feeling ) at times. Drinks lots of water and exercise and get a reasonable amount of sleep. I have tried to exfoliate but not sure if I'm doing myself any favors going this route.

At times my skin is superb and I would have no complaints. It will feel clean and not produce any excess oil and have few pimples with my pores rather tight. Rather frustrating when it goes the other way! Acne on the shoulders on back is very low ( not even a problem 95% of the time ), but it does get a bit flaky when my face comes out this way as it does in the picture.

Not sure what the main culprit is, acne, dried skin, excess oil.. either way if i have one of those problems i will have all 3.

I have a visit to a dermatologist next week so ill see how that goes but if anyone else has this type of skin or has any recommendations perhaps i can take it to the dermatologist when i see him.



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