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Differin after Accutane...Anybody?

So I finished my first course of accutane about four months ago. I've been getting some very mild acne - maybe a couple small pimples here and there - so I started Differin this past weekend to try and be proactive. I was hoping any initial breakout would be small..for obvious reasons....and I'm already starting to notice some very small pustules under my mouth. Has anybody used differin - or any topical retinoid - as maintenance after accutane and how did it work out?


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I used Differin (along with other stuff) prior to and after my very long Accutane course. I finished my first course last July and started Differin about a month or so after. Things were fine until just around the holidays. I started getting increasing oil and then a moderate break out all around my mouth/chin area. The acne was more plentiful than prior to Accutane, but less damaging/deep. My derm bumped me up to .3% Differin, and added a sulfer wash in the shower and Aczone once or twice a day. These all made improvements, but it was such a let down to go from absolutely perfect skin to this again. Ultimately, I decided to go on another course of accutane. I've been completly clear since my fourth week of my second course.

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