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Accutane info! (torontonians experience)

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I desperately need a solution to my acne.

It's quite severe.

My mom decided that finally we would get a prescription but she's left it up to me to find a few that I could try.

Obviously I have heard such good things about Accutane and I want to try it.

But I hear it can be really expensive because you need to use it for a year?

Anyone in Toronto that has bought this product? Please tell me the cost..

& Does anyone know for sure the ranges of how long you need to take it and maybe how often or w/e.

Thanks :)

& sorry if this has already been asked, I didn't want to search through all those pages.

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are you getting this prescription from a doctor? low dose pills are cheaper than high dose pills... but my health insurance covered the entire cost. im in the US and our accutane courses usually last 4-6 months. in order to have the best chance of sending your acne into remission, you need to reach a cumulative dose of 120mg/kg of your weight. i took 80mg/day (high dose) for 5 months (i weigh about 130 lb or 60 kg) so i actually had a cumulative dose of 200mg/kg. but you can do the math and figure out what you would need to take. high doses tend to have more side effects and a more severe initial breakout... HOWEVER those who take high doses have a better success rate of not having their acne return. those on low doses generally need a 2nd course. so pick your poison i guess lol. definitely talk to a doctor about your dosage though

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