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Oral Clindamycin?

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So I was first prescribed Minocycline, it worked great for the first few months. Then it pretty much stopped after 5-6 months so today my Derm has prescribed ORAL Clindamycin.

I was excited to learn that I was switching to a new prescription so I googled it, but all I can find is how it is applied topically, and only used orally for other medical reasons. Even on this website its not listed as an oral medication? ?

Has anyone had success with the oral clindamycin? Is there any way to take it? I was also perscribed to take it in conjunction with Epiduo.

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I took this when I was around 12-14 years old and it did help. It took a couple months to start working and then worked very well for maybe about a year and then stopped. I had to take it twice a day (but obviously you take it when you where told to by your doctor) and I found that later on it became harder for me to remember if I already took it and stuff because it became such a routine. Once it stopped working, I tried minocin (im not sure if thats the same or different to minocyclin) and it did not do much at all. Also, my doctor did not want me on it for too long because of fears of blood or liver problems , I don't know it was a while ago. So yes that was my experience with antibiotics, and my dermo doesnt want to put me on antibiotics anymore because of the immunity problem.

But good luck with that, its hard to tell how long it will take to work for you. Everyone is different.

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Ah thanks for the input =), I wonder if you got it at that age because they thought it was related to your hormones though?? I read that this has two functions, disturbing the production of bacterial proteins and regulating hormonal problems.

Hopefully it wont take that long to start working. My body is weird, if something is going to work it is different over night, but if its not going to work... even if I take something continually for weeks it seems if it doesn't do much to start it wont do anything at all ever.

But I have a new question along with my topic question.

Is it possible for me to continue minnocycline ALONG with clindamycin?? Take each once in the morning and once at night? Or would this be bad?


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