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Products to use while on accutane? Can I exfoliate?

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Hey Everyone!

I'm on my 5th day, and all I have are mildly dry lips. When do you start to see results? Also, I was wondering, is it recommended to do light exfoliation during treatment to get the dead skin off? I heard of the baby brush, is that probably the best type of exfoliation to use?

I got like $80 worth of lotions and washes, etc! I wasn't sure what type of body wash to use since my skin will be dry, but I had to be careful because my back and chest can break out, so I just got two different types. One being the cetaphil body wash that I'll use on my back and chest and the second being St. Ives oatmeal and shea butter. Also, does anyone know what can help the inflammation of the cysts once I get my IB? (which I hope I dont!).

And is it okay to use salicylic acid on my face, chest and back during the first week or so?

Oh and for women on the tane, I've read of other women using vaginal moisturizers during treatment, is that really needed? And, what type works best?

if anyone has any extra tips, please let me know!


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Gentle is the name of the game while on Accutane. Don't exfoliate or pick at skin. It will just make your skin look worse. Use a very light and sensitive skin cleanser called Cetaphil. Use cetaphil for your back as well. Do not use sacylic acid or anything that can dry out skin (i.e. benzoyl peroxide, retin-a, soaps, etc). Your skin will be very very dry while on Accutane. It's okay to use some products in the first week but once your skin is getting extremely dry products shouldn't be used anymore. Your skin will crave moisture.

Aquaphore for lips is awesome. You can pick it up at Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. It's a jelly that makes dry skin more tolerable. Use any moisturizer that works for you, some work better than others for different people. I use Neutregena Oil Free Sensitive Skin and I love it. I put a couple drops of jojoba oil (found out Whole Foods) in with my moisturizer, not a lot because it can make skin look oily, but it helps keep flakiness to a minimum.

Blackheads will arise and don't pick. That's the best advise I can give. I am a female and I haven't used a vaginal cream or anything. That area doesn't really get dry for me, maybe because I am young? I don't know.

Significant results are shown after month 3 although you'll see a change somewhat after 1 month. For the initial breakout, there isn't really anything you can do, and if you have a bad one just remember that it's because the medicine is taking effect. I had a horrible one my second course but it went away within ten days even though those were the longest days of my life. If you have a TERRIBLE one, cortizone shots can be given or you can ask for a steroid which usually helps drastically.

Good luck!! I hope all goes well. Accutane is a miracle drug.

Check this out, it has a lot of information!


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I don't advise using anything other than a very gentle wash and your moisturizer until you have a really good sense of how your skin is responding to Accutane.

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I think really its a personal choice and just down to your situation rather than saying, no to everything!

I still have my harsh antibacterial cleanser - I don't use it everyday, but every now again when I feel like it.

I exfoliate maybe once a week?

I use benzoyl peroxide to spot treat where necessary.

And I use Retin-A every night.

Some days I use a moisturiser with salicylic acid in. And every morning I use a cleanser with glycolic acid in.

What I have changed is adding in the Ultra Calming cleanser from Dermalogica, which is nice and gentle, so I use it when I feel my skin would prefer a break - usually at night, in substitute of the antibacterial one.

I've also added a heavier moisturiser for night time, or during the day if I need to. Also sunscreen I put on during the day, and of course I use Aquaphor for my lips :)

Its my regime - I've been on accutane about a month now - pretty dramatic results, I have no current acne, just pigmentation where they used to be. Skin isn’t dry like a desert – just nice

Best advice is to just go with what your skin feels like - if you are breaking out - use some benzoyl peroxide, and an antibacterial face wash. If your feeling dry use a gentle cleanser and a nice moisturiser :)

good luck!!

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