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So I live in Texas and called Dr. Lam's office today to schedule an apointment...they were booked until june!!!

I don't want to put off doing something about these scars...they are so mortifying and are all I ever think about!! I believe I have rolling scars and a few small icepick scars and some red spots that are slowly going away. Does anyone know if these scars will ever fade or fill in on their own???? Or possibly anything I can do for them such as home remedies or a good over the counter solution?

Also, does anyone know any other good doctors(besides Dr. Lam) in the DFW, Houston or South Texas area that does the same procedures as Dr. Lam such as TCA cross treatment or safe silicon injections?

I'd greatly appreciate any advice and help you are willing to share with me! Thanks!

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Will the redness fade?

Probably but it may take many months

Will the scars fill in on their own?

They may soften and fill in slightly over several years but it's unlikely to be much. The appearance of your scars MAY improve as you age but they'll never heal completely.

Are there any good home remedies otc etc?

You have to understand that if anything worked that well, this forum probably wouldn't exist. Even with all the money in the world you wouldn't necessarily get the results you want. But that's a subjective thing. Great improvements are possible with even cheap treatments. In other words there are many home remedies that may improve the appearance of your scars but they are unlikely to make your scars actually fill in.

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