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craig s

if cetaphil dries me out what chance do i have?

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ok, so i have been using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser since the start of the year and have been mildly impressed with the results however it is just so bloody inconsistant.

My skin will be feeling really good for a few days then it will start to get dry no matter how i use it.I have tried using this product every which way but cant find a way that agrees with my skin for a long period of time.

I have tried different amounts of product, using it in the shower, with water, without water, at the sink, once a day,twice a day.

At the moment i am using it only at night using it at the sink and wiping off the excess with a soft towel,and simply have a shower in the morning a let a little bit of cool water touch my face.

This isnt so bad but i have heard that tap water is bad for your skin so i keep water to a minimum.

I have tried using moisturisers but they make my skin look so oily and gross.

Are their any other products that are like cetaphil in terms of gentleness?

Cetaphil was my last hope and i thought that i had found the one product that would improve my skin. sad.gif

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There could be an irritant in there that you face doesn’t like.

Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben

Looking at the contents it could be the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as SLS has been shown to cause skin to flake and to separate and causes substantial roughness on the skin, but that is in such low concentration in Cetaphil that it should not have any effect however maybe your skin is so sensitive to it that any small amount causes irritation.

Perhaps you should look for a cleanser that does not have SLS.

I will keep a look out for ya

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my skin didn't really like cetaphil either. w/out water, it made my skin dry (and flaky). the following are all pretty gentle: J&J HtT baby wash; aveeno clear complexion foaming wash, Olay foaming cleanser (the gentlest foaming cleanser you can probably buy); neutrogena extra gentle cleanser (made my skin greasy..may work well for really dry skin); aquanil cleanser. my favorite is Olay daily renewal cleanser (it's a lotion type with salicylic acid and microbeads).

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Speaking of Burt's Bees, have you tried their Orange Essence Cleanser? It seems really greasy, but even after a mild toner, it really keeps the moisture in. I typically switch off between this, Cetaphil, and anything else I absolutely must have but which usually doesn't work. I sometimes get dry patches from using Cetaphil and moisturizer--even without toner and treatments--but never from the orange essence stuff, which I used all winter; ditto for Burt's Bees Carrot Day Creme, but both are a bit too heavy for my skin now that it's warmed up. (Incidentally, their tomato soap dried me out!)

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