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Ordinary Pool Water: Yah or Nah

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Chlorine is a toxic chemical that's used to clean water. (Thats why its in swimming pools, the chlorine kills bacteria so u dont get cholera when u swim smile.gif )

There's no reason why it wont work for you - theres a chance it will kill off the bacteria in your skin.

I think one of the best remedies for mild/moderate acne is simply to go swimming in a public pool (dont do anything dumb like finding a concentrated supply of chlorine and putting it on your face tongue.gif ) and enjoy the sun (in moderation. sun-burn = bad)

As for using b.p. when swimming - I believe the chlorine will simply wash-off and thus 'over-ride' the affects of b.p. (and anything else applied to the skin).

Note: I just thought of this on-the-fly, I can't back this up with any info.

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I've heard personal testimonies of people who felt that swimming in chlorinated water helped them too. I swam for about a month in my university pool, and at the very least, it didn't make things worse.

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for the last WEEKS I've been worried sick about swimming that I'm going to want to do a lot this summer, I was thinking that all the chemicals and stuff would be bad for my skin, you just made me see a new light! now I don't have to obsess so much about it!

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well, i keep trying to tell people how i have cured my acne.. but no one ever believes me. right now i do several things, however, swimming is a very important part of my regimen.

this is how it works:

morning: bp gel, erythromicin gel, eucerin, doxycycline

afternoon: swim 25 laps

evening: bp gel, erythromicin gel, eucerin, doxycycline

At this point in time I have ZERO active acne on my face, and following this regimen i haven't had any acne on my face for months. I believe swimming is key in this regimen because whenever i don't swim i still get small pimples here and there. Some people believe that the chlorine in the pool irritates your face and causes acne, however, I believe that it kills the acne bacteria on your face and completely eliminates any excess oil you might have. If you don't believe me, try it. All you have to do is sign up for your local gym and swim for 25 minutes every day, and that is a small price to pay for getting rid of your acne besides the fact that you'll be in great shape.

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naaa....It isnt a big deal...Maybe the sun might have a small effect

I hear that sea water is very good for acne...

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