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Blackheads & accutane

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Hello all

i have a question for "post taners", &/or for those under tane.

I started isotretionoin on the 15th of march, therefore i'm in week 4,i have loads of black heads on my nose and on my chin.they are becoming more obvious, and drier..Does anyone know if accutane will remove them all? and will they come back after the course?

Please i need your help, i hate them so much, and i am afraid they'll stay or come back,( they are WIDE pores), and i am sure anyone who knows anything about it will help me.

I appreciate it ;)

thanks :wub:

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Hello! Yes, Accutane will dry out those black heads. Just make sure you don't pick as they will take longer to heal. If you force them out they can become a bigger problem as accutane makes the healing process slower. I know it can be extremely tempting to pick at them.

They will dry up and peal off. My nose stopped pealing by the start of my third month on my first course and all my blackheads were gone. On this course it's starting to peal less and less and my blackheads are almost gone. I am on week 5 of my second course.

Hang in there!

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^ Yep! You'll probably feel like sandpaper for a bit and then your skin will be smooth. It's kind of gross and neat at the same time.

So far mine have not returned, but my skin is clear and I have a regimen that involves Retin-a Micro and Dan's AHA+. Other people have had the blackheads return as well as the acne, so we can't tell you for sure how your skin will react. It could go either way.

Best wishes to you!

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Thank you sarah oliver & siava :wub:

sarah:It's very hard bot to pick them up :naughty: , they're ugly, and i feel all people looking at them :cry: but i'll try to handle myself :cool:

Siava:you made me lugh with the SANDPAPER thing, it's the best description i think.

so i have nothing but to hope that these blackheads will never come back :pray:

Bye for now

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