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Another TCA question

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im confused with all these types of tca what with the peels, 100%, cross and complex etc so i wanna know

A) To spot treat scars do i have to use 100% or can i use the TCA that comes for a TCA peel?

B) whats the average amount of downtime for a tca peel. tracy if ur reading this i know u did one how long was it before ur skin returned to normal.

C) Can a peel help with scarring or is that just with the spot treating?

d) At that earthlinks place is that just peels or can that be used as spot scar treatment?

E) Wheres the best place to get peels and 100% TCA

Thanks people

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Guest Tracy

Ok, to the best of my knowledge (and I'm no expert, mind you) TCA CROSS is best when done with either 50% or 100% TCA, however, some people do spot treat with lower percentages.....it just takes a bit longer.

It was about five or six days before my all the skin sloughed off and my skin returned to normal. I used the 12.5% TCA, but I layered it until it frosted in most areas.

I think that only spot treating with the higher percentages helps with scarring.....I could be wrong. Ask Richardskin or tcapeels (Mendy) for more info. IMO, the lower strength peels help with discoloration, very mild scarring, and skin tone.....

earthlink (mendy) sells the TCA peels, however some people are spot treating with it (ObiWontonKenoli is one person I'm aware of) at lower percentages. I do not know where to get the higher percentage. Perhaps riley could help you with that information.

Hope this helps!! Good luck to you.

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Please don't use 100% TCA it is much too dangerous, 50% is still very strong and works very well for treating small scars.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

I haven't even used my 25% yet. Following Mendy's advise, I've only used the 12.5% so far. I've applied multiple layers though. Some skin starts to peel/flake, some areas turned leathery and brown so far.

I apply the Neutrogena Multivitamin with Spf15 before going to work. Unless the weather is hot and sunny then I use Spf 30 sun screen on top of that.

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