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I was wondering if anyone has used retin-a both pre and post accutane as a treatment. And if you have, did it work better after accutane or before accutane.

Any comments welcome :)

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i used retin-a and retin-a micro before accutane and HATE HATE HATED it! it was the worst thing i have ever put on my skin. after finishing accutane, my derm insisted that i try retin-a micro again.... so i am. im only using it a few times a week with lots of lotion. so far so good! it has seemed to help with the redness and the rough patches.

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I have used retin-a every since I had acne at 14 and I'm still using even throughout my accutane course with good results. I now use it on alternate days. It helps keeps my face smooth and the blackheads and whiteheads away.

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I was on Retin A before accutane and didn't get an initial breakout. I am on my second course right now and had a really bad initial break out and I wasn't using Retin-A before. I used it for a little while after but it didn't help so I went to BP which helped with the mild acne. It just made my face more red, and I like to tan, so I stopped using it.

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Guest tofupup

I've been on Retin-A for the last few months after stopping Accutane. I'm pretty pleased with it. It started off burning at first, but if you do it every other day, and then work up slooowly to every night, it's fine.

There's not a huge difference in the appearance of my skin overall, but the feeling of my skin is sooo much softer andd smoother than it ever has been in my entire adulthood -- and no sign of a whitehead, black head, or dreaded underground acne cyst anywhere. It's the soft smoothness it gives your skin that is its best selling point.

I'm still waiting for it to fade my scars and sunspots, though, like my Derm said it would. But I have a feeling if I keep it up, I'll see more improvement in that area the next few months.

I'd recommend it! You gottta wear sunscreen, though, cuz it does make your face more sensitive, just like Accutane does.

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Pre, during, and post. I love the stuff. It worked fine before, irritated my skin a bit during, and is working at optimal limits (I think anyways) post. :wub:

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