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Okay so for the longest time I tired and failed with over the counter meds for acne. Nothing helped and only dried my skin out. Now my acne isnt bad, I would see mild to moderate.

However for the last 5-6 months I have had almost no acne on my face! I started using lemon juice and it got rid of about half of it, and then I started on minocycline and I was 100% around my face for entire weeks. I would then have the occasional zit but that wasnt too bad because I was 100% all the other time.

Nothing has changed since then, I still apply lemon juice 3 times a day to the exact same spot, shave the same amount, and take minocycline twice daily. Yet I cannot slow it down anymore and its been two weeks. It started as some type of cold sore, then another then it progressed above my lip and under now I have 4-5 small and hardly inflamed zits.

They used to not even get inflamed in the past few months, now there are small whiteheads at the top.

Did Minocycline wear off? Did my acne become resistant to the lemon juice or the minocycline? What should I tell my derm the next time I see her?

I hate this because if I ever broke out it went away within a week but I still keep getting new spots every other day and they are going from non inflamed to small painless whiteheads.

Is it just a phase? Will I ever return back to how I was? Help please =(

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You could try rotating to a different form of tetracylcine, like doxy. if it persists you probably became immune to it and should switch antibiotics

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Afff damn it. It was working so good for awhile too. I guess I'll have to see what happens in the next week or so.

Acne is so god damn annoying.

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