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Question about skin bleachers??

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Ok, a friend of mine suggested for me to buy this Nadinola Skin Discoloration Fade Cream with Extra Strength ... It has Hyrdoquinone 3%; Octisalate 3%. Well I've been using it for 3 days & I see a little improvement but scars are still everywhere. I don't expect to see results anytime soon. She told me to use this on my face twice a day religiously & in about 2 months, I should start seeing results...

My question is..... am I using this stuff wrong?? How do you use skin bleachers... Do you rub the stuff in your face until it goes away like you would a lotion?? Or do you apply the stuff in your face & let it settle on the spots?? I have spots & hyperpigmentation all over my face.... Just looks like blotches... What I've been doing is just rubbing this stuff all over my face.... I see my face glows a little bit but the scars still lurk... Hopefully it'll fade the scars.. Thanks.... What I'm doing also, is Mixing Palmers Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E with the bleach also, I heard it helps the scars & the Hydroquonine helps lighten your skin back to its original tone. I like what I'm seeing so far, even if nothing big has happened yet...

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The Obagi system, which uses hydroquinone, does so in conjunction with tretinoin. If I were you, I would consider getting a prescription for retin-a. If you're still breaking out, look for an alcohol based gel. Use it at night, generally, and apply the hydroquinone cream over the retin-a, once it has dried and you feel that it's sunken in (maybe 15 minutes).

If you want to use it during the day as well, you would apply it before you apply a sunscreen.

And, most importantly (aside from the use of hydroquinone in conjunction with retinoid action), you've got to be using an spf product. There is no reason to use hydroquinone unless you -stop- the action of photo-related pigmentation. The way to stop that is to use a sunscreen, and use a good one.

Good luck, sorry if that read scatteredly.

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I've gotten great results on myself and clients by using Lactic Acid for 1 or 2 minutes, rinising well, then applying 4% Hydroquinone ( Lustra ) rubbing it in gently.

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