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sarah Oliver

Products to Use While on Accutane

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I am noticing a lot of people asking questions about accutane and what products to use. Girls are also asking about make up and everything. I have taken one course of accutane and I am on my second now so I wanted to get all the newbies filled in as I know it's incredibly scary going on it for the first time but the results are totally worth it! Of course a sensitive skin cleanser needs to be used and a good moisturizer as well.

1) Jojoba oil has saved me in my second course. It helps with redmarks left over from previous breakouts that heal slower on accutane. Flaking is at a bare minimum but obviously it's hard to avoid in certain spots that are healing.

2) I have found that Cetaphil moisturizer and Eucerin Sensitive skin lotion are the only things that help with my dry skin. Cetaphil is a bit more greasy than Eucerin. However, off accutane I found that they both broke me out and Neutregena Sensitive skin lotion was light and perfect for my skin. It doesn't have SPF, unlike the other two. Dan even says SPF breaks people out easily due to avobenzone, but Cetaphil and Eucerin are the only lotion that keep my skin from falling off on accutane. So I ignore the SPF factor while on the drug but off of it I switch back to Neutregena.

3) Kimberly Sayer's moisturizer has perfect zinc oxide and titanium dioxide SPF which doesn't irritate skin. It is loved in London and has great reviews. I love it. It's light and not at all greasy and a little goes a long way. I use it in the summer.

4) Aquaphor for lips. Enough said.

5) For arms and shoulders (I don't get acne there) I put Auquaphor ointment instead of the thick jelly. It's white and it keeps skin soft. Vaseline lotion also works nicely.

Now for the make up part...

I usually use Bare Minerals. It's organic and healthy for skin, or at least that's what they advertise. I find it incredibly difficult to put make up on while on accutane because I'm constantly applying moisturizer. Don't use liquid foundation because most liquid foundations irritated my dry skin and made it red. I used liquid foundation on my first course during the second month and I found that after I applied it my dry skin turned red. Stick to the powders, even if your skin is pealing, it won't irritate it.

Once again be gentle to skin on accutane as it is super sensitive. Adding harsh chemicals make it even more irritated! Stick to good moisturizers that work for you (everyone is different).

Also other old accutane users or people who have taken multiple courses feel free to add input!

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