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ok heres the deal i have these two warts on the side of my right thumb (they are .6cm wide) i cant seem to get rid of them. i used to go to the drem he used to freaze them with co2 but each time they came back. anyone know a way of getting rid of them?

thanks in advance


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Warts are a viral problem, not bacterial. Vitamins help. There are creams that help a great deal, some over the counter...go check them out, see if they help.

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hi paul

I had the same problem and froze it *sigh 30 times or so..........

well the problem is the derm does not go deep enough with thr puny q-tips. You need a huge tip. U need to penetrate the entire thumb or half of it. Make it turn white and hold for 30 secs IT WILL HURT LIKE HELL WHEN IT THAWS

let thaw for until normal color Repeat hold for 30 sec until thumb thurns white. When i mean white I mean ur entire thumb... it looks like it will be made out of a snow cone and literally snow crystals will form on ur thumb.....

Thaw again...........

Repeat one more time.

The freeze thaw cycle kills the cells that hold the virus.

U will be crying at the end.... but it will work, might haver to do it a few times.

I would tell the doc to shave it with a razor until it bleeds then do ^^^^^^

it will hurt like nothing else........... it will hurt so i'mma not sure if you want to get it numbed first or not. I think u should iwth medicine.

Yep. It is very last measure ditch that works but is so fucking painful that u will have shakes just thinkin about it once u do it once.

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Good luck...I don't think I'd feel too silly wearing duct tape on my hand for a couple of weeks/months...compared to having this acne for a lifetime! (I'd probably consider duct taping my face if it works for acne hahahah!)

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