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2nd go around with isotetetrin

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I don't know about anyone else on here, but I've been on accutane once already. I'm an actress and have worked on some films, but with the move into HD I know everything is on display and that includes my redness and scars from the past acne. I went in to a dermatologist/facial surgeon to talk about the different options to rid myself of the scars and we noticed THE ACNE CAME BACK!!!! Less then two years after!

Now I'm in my fourth month of this 2nd go around of accutane. And I'm nervous. She doesn't want to end the treatments until my break outs and zits are gone. She wants me acne free for a while month before taking me off - but I keep getting one or two every month.

Is it something I'm eating? Is there something else I'm missing in my road to facial neatness?

If anyone else has had the same problem with their treatments and have survived through the 2nd with no problem, let me know. I'm frustrated, I thought this would go faster! I'm losing my health insurance in December when I graduate and I want this done, gone, and forgotten by then!

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Hi! I am exactly one month into my 2nd course of accutane. I can't tell you it's easier because my second course is WAY worse than my first. I cleared up instantly in my first and I broke out pretty heavily for 3 weeks in my second. I can tell you that after three weeks my acne is now going away. The second course is a hit or miss but the end result is exactly the same: clear skin. You'll be prepared this time. My side effects aren't any different this time around. Just had a big IB and that's it. Good luckkk!

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I started my 2nd round January 30th and for the qst two months I was only on 40mg then she put me on 60mg per day. I am STILL also getting some. My face was never really bad, it was always my back and my chest. Chest is pretty cleared up but back is still looking pretty bad. I thought that the second time it would wipe it out waaaay quicker than the first time...but it's not looking like that.

I actually was starting to think that maybe my cysts could not be helped by accutane until I read your post and saw that I'm not the only one :)


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