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Total cumalative dose for a 75kg male?

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I remember reading somewhere in this board that to stay clear long term you need to take a certain amount based on your body weight, I can't remember what the figure is though.

Anyone know how much a 75kg male should be taking in total, or how the calculation works?

I'm sure I'm not taking enough to reach the target amount in 6 months.



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well matt this number crunching business is always a very rough guide when it comes to accutane but still here it is:

The thinking is you should aim for 120-150mg/kg to get remission.

I think your on 40mg (I think I read that somewhere sorry if its wrong) so your dose after 6 months would be 180 days*40mg= 7200mg.

You weigh 75kg so 7200mg/75kg= 96mg/kg

So what does this mean well apparently your cumulative dose is under the amount to acheive remission HOWEVER I wouldn't worry about this. Your derm will know his/her stuff and will have prescribed the amount tailored to your needs and you have to have faith that the amount will be enough to get the result you want besides your derm may be planning to up your dose towards the end. Dont worry about your prescribed amount just concentrate on getting to the end.

Anyway good luck with your course.

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The pinned accutane advice thread should tell you how to calculate your final cumlative dose. Don't worry, your derm will have it mapped out for you. As for the final cumalative dose, it varies but shouldn't be too much, take or minus about a month.

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