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Retin A Sensitivity ?

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Its been like 4 nights applying this cream, 0.05% at night. I use a sal acid cleanser, and then use an Olay refreshing toner. But now when i apply my toner theres some certain areas where it feels super sensitive and burned, like when you burn your finger, and you feel that hurting tingly sensation when you stop touching that spot. So i was wondering does Retin A break your face barriers, dont know how to say it .. Im beginning to dry out in some areas too .. Shame on it ):

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you are really not supposed to use SA when you're on retin-a. it says so in the little paper that comes in the box with the tube. ditch the cleanser, and the toner too, that's too harsh. use noxzema or plain cetaphil.

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It takes some time to get used to retin-a. Some people can use it in conjunction with anything without irritation while some people will always suffer from irritation. There are a few tips you could use to minimize the irritation.

1. Use a very thin layer of retin-a and start off with every alternate night

2. Wait for at least 30 minutes after you cleanse and tone your face before using retin-a

3. Change your cleanser and toner to gentle and non alcohol-based type

4. Pat your skin dry, no rubbing

5. If irritation persists, change to a lower concentration of retin-a. There is a 0.01% gel and a 0.025% cream version.

After using retin-a for some time, your skin will adapt and the irritation will subside, and that's when you can slowly up the frequency of usage and concentration, and start to introduce other products. Most people use retinoids for years anyway, so there is no point in rushing it at the start. Continual irritation will only slow your progress and if prolonged, it can contribute to skin aging due to the inflammatory process triggered by irritation.

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