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profractional laser treatment

I want to explain my experience with pro fractional treatment and how its been the next few days and i was hoping for some feedback on how long this lasts because i need to return to work.

i just had the pro fractional laser treatment done on Tuesday.

I'm going to be totally honest it was so much more horrible then i was told or expected. i do not agree that this procedure is almost painless. although they try there best to numb your skin first you can still feel the HOT needles poking in your skin, not to mention the loud machine and burning skin smell.

And to be totally honest i have about 24 tattoos so my pain resistance is not that bad i think the idea of anything poking your face is discomforting. The good part was it didn't take too long, and after the first few minutes you get a little more accustomed to it, but the nose, the upper lip, and near the eyes hurt the most.

It's totally bearable of course, but the first time you don't know what to expect and i also did not know what it was actually doing. i had this awful idea in my head i was going to look like i got burned, like scabby and bubbly LOL!!!

To speed this up, my first day i bled alot and it burned pretty bad which is normal i know, 2nd day no blood really just very very red and all these millia (white puss looking bumps) appeared and i mean a lot, today i kind of wiped them away but now there's bumps everywhere like i broke out, I'm still really red, and those tiny lines and wholes from the laser are still really visible. How long does that last? how bad do you peel and when does is it generally start and stop? Also, how long did it take to fully heal and your skin see an improvement.

I have to get 2 more treatments and i dont know when i should do them, there schedualed for 4 weeks after i think but if this is going to take a long time to get better its not a good idea. They make it like u can return t work 2 days after - i would never LOL

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I have read much from other people that the redness last several weeks. I must be an extreme outlier as it's been 9 months and I still have mild discoloration.. Doctors lie. We are all guinea pigs. I feel that they took CO2 and erbium lasers and tried to improve by doing fractional treatments, but the downtime is still bad and the results are still less than good. Go with silicone.

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