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Topicals with Accutane???

Sooo i was wondering if anyone used topicals with accutane??? I'm not sensative yett at alllllll...Ive gone tanning several times..the max time and haven't burned what so ever. Anyways I went on tane because I kept getting cysts. Luckily one at a time but huuuuge ones...and some inflamed ones too. But my face was always a mess in my eyes. Accutane has brought sooo many little ones up everywhere ...which is new to me. I remember when I started Yaz this happend as well....but yiikes so many little ones...and some or mossssst have been became inflamed...and its pissin me off. I have so so many litttle ones and it seems like they allllll become inflamed eventually.. blaaah.

NEWAYS.... my question was has anyone used topicals with tane in the beginning???? I used some benzol peroxide this morning hoping it will get rid of the small ones....but i don't know. This has been a hard 2 months so far...hopefully tane kicks in...this breaking out thing really killllls me.

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hey there, i forgot to say in the message that Im sure accutane will work for you, i dont know Anybody that it hasnt worked for so i have faith it will work for us :). It better cause im a real perfectionist too, at least when it comes to my looks ( I know how vain haha). I hope ur comedones dont get all inflamed like mine did! Do u have any idea how many moths ur gonna be on it? Idk, but im gonna ask next friday when i have my derm appt.

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