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what i've been doing to help fade the red

Hi everyone, the red marks left after a bad break out can be almost as depressing as the acne, at least for me, so this is what I've been doing to help, if it can help someone else i'm glad to take the time to share my method. I've been using an egg white mask once daily, leaving it on for about 20 minutes and then at night rubbing bio oil into the marks. By no means has it been a miracle cure, but over the last week it has helped. Hope this helps someone, cuz waiting for them to fade on their own really sucks.

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oh how it does. i have the egg shit on my face right now.

try drinking lemon juice aswell. thats what im doing.

how much would you say yours has improved? :think:

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I think that using a low level glycolic acid/lactic acid product daily is also really good for red marks (I like proactiv's toner which has 2.5% glycolic in it and I use it twice per day...but there are other options out there as well)...anyway, what i've noticed is that if i use my toner daily, then new pimples don't leave marks or if they do, they go away very quickly. I wish that I had been using this all along!

I think it also helps to fade old marks, but of course the older they are the more stubborn they can be :( If you don't look at me very closely now, though, I don't think you can really notice my marks anymore :) I've been mostly clear for about 8 months now, though, so it has been a looooong wait!

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