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So I had started upping my dosage of BP and using it once everyday (evenings). My skin grew quite irritated. I was not applying BP to the base of my neck, but after a couple of days of BP in a row, my neck was still growing irritated. I had a red, itchy rash that had formed. I was lotioning my neck before lotioning my face so as not to carry any BP I had already applied to my face to my neck, but when I started using the jojoba oil, I think the jojoba carried the BP from my face down my neck anyway. I also started getting pretty bad irritation and peeling on both sides of my chin, along with new breakouts which I never get in that area.

I took over a week off, and my skin recovered. Last night I decided to use half a pump of BP on just my face, not my neck. Today I woke up to an irritated neck and irritation on both sides of my chin, just as bad as a week ago. Tonight my skin is recovering, but I am afraid to use BP now. I know about the FAQ and the time it takes to get used to BP, but I have been using BP off and on for over 2 months now, and I really thought my skin was getting used to it. I even recommended to others to keep on truckin' with it. All of a sudden, though, now my skin seems ultra-sensitive to the BP...almost like I grew allergic to it. I cannot believe my skin reaction after taking over a week off and then using a little of the BP last night. This is not skin dryness, but some sort of reaction that I had. I think I would be crazy to keep using the BP.

In the week I had off, I will say I did not get any new breakouts, and my skin was looking pretty good. I think the jojoba oil is helping regulate my face, because no new breakouts. I am going to continue to use the jojoba and see if my face stays clear. Also using AHA+ as a spot treatment and it is great at stopping pimples before they really develop. Once my face recovers, I think I am going to try AHA+ as a moisturizer once or twice a week in place of BP in the evenings...I don't think anyone can really offer any advice further for me, but if there is any I am listening and willing to try any suggestions on next steps. Also thinking about trying the sal acid to see if that might work too...

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