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Accutane Experience

Reading all the posts regarding with the negative impacts of acne on a person's social life was all to familiar. Since the day I have entered college, I have missed out on social gatherings, club, dances, etc because of acne. Instead, I have locked myself in my dorm room and dwindled away my life through video gamery. Self pity has gotten the worst of me. I have been on retin-a micro, clindamycin, doxycycline, minocycline, and bactrim (this one did pretty well for me but found out that it was harmful in the long-run). I don't know if anyone of you heard of "acne bootcamp" but that DID NOT work either. I'm pretty sure it was a scam because made my scars to blacken.

Whats even worse was the fact that for 3 months during winter break, I went to an esthetician to help pop my pimples and layer my skin with overpriced "natural" chemicals; each session was 98$ and that wasn't including the 5 piece face wash kit which was 210$ in total. wow just typing it out just makes me feel like i lost so much of my time from actually getting better. The only positive that came out from the overpriced esthetician was probably the fact that my skin got a lot lighter and she would get rid of big pimples.

Now for exactly 20 days, I have been on Accutane (20 mg). There are some mild side effects from the medicine like dry lips and rashes on my hands (so far). I have been using carmex for dry lips but the rashes on my hands are still there. Also I feel like my skin is getting more red, but reading other posts, i'm just assuming its because accutane. I have mild to severe acne and been using cerave and cetaphil for the face. I'm thinking about getting something new to help out my skin. My question to u is, what other supplements can help me get better skin?



- 20mg accutane


- 2 chicken breast a day

- cup of cereal

- kimchi (spiced cabbage)

- white rice

- Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

- Cerave moisturizer

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