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Ok so I have been experimenting with EDM on and off for the past 2 months.

I think I have finally found my colors: multitasking concealer intensive and fair medium matte. After experimenting with a lot of different brushes I have found the mini kabuki gives me the best coverage – even over the flat top brush that everyone raves about.

It took me the longest time to figure out how to use the concealer. When I first got the mineral mu, I was using a tiny concealer brush to “spot†apply dry or wet minerals on the red marks which looked like crap. It wasn’t until about a month in I realized that by taking my mini kabuki and dry buffing in the concealer on red spots gave the best coverage.

The coverage with EDM is so natural when applied right but it’s taking me a long time to learn all the tips and tricks to the perfect application. I’ve read through the EDM cult forum but I still have some questions about the application. Apologies if the answers were there and I missed them.

I figured the best way to get feedback is to tell you my current routine and then ask for any tips from regular EDM users who can provide feedback, tips, suggestions, or recommendations on what I should be doing differently.

Right now here is what I do:

• Wash face in the AM with water only

• Immediately after while I still have natural moisture on my face I apply cetaphil moisturizing lotion

• Mix Bisque color corrector with a small dollup of cetaphil moisturizer and using a foundation brush apply the wet concealer to under my eyes. This is the best trick I’ve learned so far that applying it wet as a first step covers my dark circles without accentuating my eye wrinkles as dry or cream concealers tend to do.

• Let whole face dry for a good 15 minutes or until face no longer feels tacky.

• Dust on finishing powder with flat top brush

• Wait 5 -10 minutes

• Buff in multi tasking concealer using mini kabuki

• Wait 5 minutes

• Buff in fair medium matte foundation using mini kabuki

• At this point I stop working on my base and start applying my eye makeup: urban decay primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner

• Apply finishing powder using flat top or premium kabuki

• Apply EDM Blush – my favorites are new car smell and or cherry fizz (which is an eye shadow but I like it on the apples of my cheeks)

• Finish with applying mascara - my favorite is Lancome Defincils or if I’m going out on the town for a special occasion I’ll use those Loreal X-tend beauty tubes which make the lashes super long.

While I’m happy overall with the application, there are still some things I think I could improve, for instance:

While the coverage looks good from 12 inches or so away, when I look at myself close up in the mirror or outside in natural light - the make up looks too thick for my taste. Not as cakey looking as heavy liquid foundation looks but still more than I’d like. How can I get a more natural coverage that still hides the blemishes?

Here are my questions:

Am I layering too many things on? I start with less and add more as needed to cover things up properly.

Should I skip the dusting of finishing powder before and after my base? I read people do this to minimize pores and control oil, but I still get oily and my pores still look huge either way.

Will switching to a matte or semi matte concealer / foundation give me a more natural look than the intensive?

Am I waiting too long or not long enough in between my primer / concealer / foundation application? How long does everyone else wait?

Is it possible I am using too much cetaphil moisturizer as a primer and that is why my face looks too thick with the minerals applied and why it still gets oily even with the finishing powder?

Can anyone recommend a good pinkish EDM blush? Most of the ones I’ve applied even if they look pink in the jar turn orange on me.

If others can share their EDM make up application routine step by step as I did above that would be very helpful!

I am sorry this is long and rambly, I would appreciate any feedback you can give. I am obsessed with EDM but know I still have a lot to learn about it.. I know the perfect application is out there but it continues to elude me..

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