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Okay, let me just say, I went on accutane last year and it cleared my face for a year. Recently my acne came back in a form of 'perioral dermatitis' around my chin- mouth area. It is bumpy down that part of my face with a lot of small bumps, but it's not like the average pimple that comes up every now and then. I'm thinking it could have been caused by accutane but I don't know, I've never had this 'dermatitis.' My derm prescribed tetra, and I took it for 2 months, and within 5-6 days, I was completely clear, and when I took one, 500mg, pill a day, it stayed clear. (The derm said I could take 1-2 pills a day, but I wanted to stay with just one cause the waiting to eat thing was annoying.) When I finished the last pill, I didn't know how long the clearness would last. About 3-4 days after my last pill, the dermatitis/bumps came BACK! So my derm said i might need a longer dose, but I asked for mino, since I wanted to be able to eat with the pill. Then I heard that people have died from mino, so I asked for doxy. I took my first pill this morning, and I'm wondering, how long until you see improvement? I am going to be taking one, 100 mg, pill every day. Will I see improvement in a few days just like I did with the tetra? What is the main difference between doxy and tetra? How long did you guys stay on it before you got resistant to it? And did it clear you up for the long run?

Any advice would help.


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