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My Battle with Acne!! - 4th Course of Roaccutane!

Hi all,

Just wanted to share my experience to date having suffered with acne for most of my life.

I first started getting spots at the age of 11 and am now 28...during this time my acne has improved/worsened but it is difficult to identify the cause of it other than something Ive inherited genetically. I drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet, have enough exercise and dont regularly drink alcohol.

Ive tried numerous remedies and medications all without much success.

Topical applications - Zineryt, Benzoyl Peroxide (works quite well to dry out spots), Clindamycin (makes skin appear more oily), Retin A, Differin....

Contraceptive pill - Diantte, Yasmin - neither has made a marked improvement

Antibiotics - I tried most antibiotics used for acne which have had little to no effect. minocycline worked once for me but the recovery was only temporary and acne always fights back- it builds a resistance to the antibiotics after a certain period!

Roaccutane - this week Ive started my FOURTH course of roaccutane and therefore have a lot of experience using this drug. My derm is pretty good and has allowed me to take it again but said it is disappointing and unusual my acne has not been cured. Each course of roaccutane has been 3 years apart and I have taken a 4-6month course with staged doses of c.45mg 1 month, c. 60/65mg 3-5 months (my weight c. 63kg). I cant remember exact doages and quantities but sure I have taken a long & big enough dose that my acne should have been eliminated. I have never really suffered any major side effects from roaccutane just dry skin and dry/more senistive skin. On my first course of roacc my acne became very severe for the first 3 months. At the end of each course my skin has always been perfectly clear and much less oily.

I am confident that my skin will be clear by the end of my current course but not sure for how long. After my third course the acne started to return after 6-9 months. The previous 2 course it returned after 1-2 years. I think my body is becoming more resistant to roaccutane but it is the ONLY cure available as far as I know! My derm says it is being used much more widely nowadays and is not perceived quite so dangerous but I still worry about long-term effects which may still be unknown?

N-Lite/Laser - I also tried a course of N-Lite around 1 year ago (4 sessions at the private clinic in London) but this only works while you are having the treatment and is a very temporary cure! I would not use it agin - is also way too expensive

Glycolic peels/products - do not really work but do have some benefits and are good for acne-prone skin.

I only suffer from acne on my face and do not really have it elsewhere - only a small amount on back and chest. My acne is not too severe - it is mild/moderate but is just EXTREMELY PERSISTENT and enough to effect my life i.e. it can cause me to avoid socialising and dents my confidence when bad enough.

Are there others out there who can relate to my experience? Would be good to hear from others who have been forced to take multiple courses of roaccutane! I really hope that this is my last one and I grow out of acne eventually.

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Have you tried spironolactone or other birth control pills besides the ones you've already tried?

Acne in adults is usually hormonal in nature, thus accutane fails.

Check out nutrition and holistic health for some great diet/nutrition tips that can help with hormonal balance. There are plenty of supplements that can obviate hormonal issues as well.

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