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HELP NEEDED - i need some good honest advice

i've had acne for about 6 years now.

im 19 years old and i have acne on my face, chest, and back.

ive been trying countless OTC products to try to find a remedy for my problems, and currently i use AcneFree Severe(a type of Proactiv knock off).

assuming AcneFree Severe is comparable to Proactiv in its ingredients and its reaction to my skin - id say the results arent very good. ive used AcneFree Severe for about a month and after getting discouraged i kind of quit using it the way the box recommended.

my acne bothers me very much, and i thought @ the age of 19 my acne would be gone by now but id say its probably the worse that it has ever been.

On my face i have redness on my cheeks, and even some acne around my neck as well. on my chest i have white bumps along my collarbone and quite a few breakouts as well as a rather large cyst on my chest.

On my shoulder i have another cyst as well and my back is broken out in acne as well..even down my spine.

i dont know if i have severe acne but i would say i have quite a lot of moderately severe acne.

i just really dont know what to do.

BP seems to dry out my skin a lot, and salicylic acid doesnt seem to really work well either.

im pretty much out of options and i just want to have clear skin. should i just go try to get Accutane prescribed to me or what?

any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.


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Six years of acne and you have only tried OTC products? I'd say it's high time to check with a derm. Not necessarily for Accutane but for other treatments.

If you do get prescribed an antibiotic please do not take it a long time. Antibiotic usage for acne is one of the many reasons the world now has more and more antibiotic resistant bacteria. Some day, we will be back to the days before Pennicillin was discovered and we will die like flies again from bacterial infections.

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