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I have to say, I'm inspired by reading everything that people have written.

I have been dealing with cystic acne for years. I've been all the antibiotics (topical and oral), I've been on Accutane, I have done Pro-Activ!

My family doctor finally said, "let's try spironolactone." My NP mother said, "yay!"

Now I'm 2 weeks into it (50mg a day), and I don't know if its affecting my SSRIs, but I'm very depressed, and I've got two painful bumps on my face - one on my chin, the other on my cheekbone.

My breasts have been swollen and sore for almost the entire 2 weeks as well. My period was due today, but it hasn't arrived. I don't like that at all.

Any thoughts?

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Hmm... Another thought: when should I be taking it? I usually take it before I go to bed, because I am worried about getting dizzy.

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Hey HErin

I just started Spiro too (nearly two weeks in). I take my 100mg at night because i figure i'll sleep through the immediate effects - and i haven't experienced much more of a diuretic effect than say drinking a cup of coffee does to me, so I'm not up to the bathroom every minute anyhow. If you're comfortable taking it at night then I say stick with it.

I'm taking it with Yasmin BCP. Not sure how you feel about a BCP but it might help regulate your cycle whilst on Spiro.

Best of luck!

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Like many other women on this board, I suffer from migraines, so I BC is out for me.

*knocks on wood* I had a migraine that first week that I took spiro, but I've been good ever since.

I hope my cycle works itself out!!!

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