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Ready to roll ....

So I've been reading up on dermarolling for the past couple of months, and am finally taking the plunge ... just ordered three Dr. Rollers (0.25, 0.50, and the 3-line 1.5mm) and a couple of tubes of Emla on eBay.

I'm a longtime user of Green Cream (0.9% retinol gel) and Vivant Spin Trap (15% Vitamin C, .1% Vitamin E serum). I love both of these products, and they've made a huge difference in my skin quality, but I think I've hit a plateau with them both. I'm hoping that dermarolling will take me to the next level.

I have only slight scarring ... just some faint pitting and grooving on either side of my chin, plus a bit in my left nasolabial region. I think it's partly the result of acne, partly old sun damage. I've tried using copper peptides on these areas before, with some success, but I truly hate using those SkinBio products ... they leave my skin discolored for days, and they have to be used regularly to have much effect.

Anyway, my plan is to start out by rolling my entire face with the 0.25mm roller, using my topicals, and seeing how that goes. As I become braver and more comfortable with the procedure, I hope to progress to the 0.50 .... and eventually, I'd like to use the 1.5mm roller along the top of my upper lip. It isn't deeply lined, but I'm starting to see a few creases. I'd like to stage an intervention before they make much progress.

As I said, I've done a lot of reading and I feel pretty confident in what I'm doing. The one area I'm still uncertain of is roller sterilization. I'd like to err on the side of caution. Any input from experienced rollers would be much appreciated!

I'm headed out of town on vacation in a few days, so my plan is to start rolling when I get back on April 13.

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Lionqueen, the rolling should get your progress going again. I let my roller soak in rubbing alcohol for about 30m to an hour pre roll. wash it off with hot water after I am done and let it soak in the RA for another 30m to an hour. let it air dry and put it back in the tube. thats what I do.

best of luck. :)

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Like you, I've looked for an established protocol for disinfecting the rollers......

everyone seems to have their own system, which seems sound.

Mine is:

on the day of the roll:

1. Put roller 3 minute cleaning polident (to remove debris and bacteria) for 3 minutes

2. Rinse off in not hot, but pretty warm water a.m. roll day (to remove debris)

3. Rinse off in distilled water

4. then 30 minutes in isopropyl alcohol , let it "air dry" and roll

5. Immediately after rolling rinse in warm water again (try to remove debris ASAP, before

it hardens onto roller)

6. Put in 3 minutes polident, rinse warm water

7. 30 minutes alcohol, air dry, store

probably overkill. I got an infection after getting collagan injections maybe 4 years

ago, I remember the dermatologist digging pus out my face, so for better safe than sorry.

Like you, I just started .5 rolling (twice), and a combination .5 and 1mm rolling a few

days ago. My impression of .5 rolling......... I used no numbing cream, and after reading

other posts I did not think it would hurt that much. I am very pain tolerant, and it hurt

a lot. After just one up and down swipe I had to stop, and gather my thoughts at how

painful it was going to be. Face was really red (no blood) that night, and sore. The

next day some slight redness but nothing extreme. Slight, slight pain. I worked the

next day and was fine.

With the combined .5 and 1mm roll, I wanted to get an impression of the 1mm. For me

the 1mm hurt ever more. I have not decided for sure, but the path of least

evasiveness (the 1mm as opposed to the 1.5) seems to be my thought. If I can get

results using a 1mm once a week or every other week (unsure of frequency yet)

instead of a 1.5, I'll go with that. There's less chance of something going wrong. If I see little progress, I'll begin rolling with the 1.5. ......... Just ordered EMLA from WestCoast.

a few links below on disinfecting. best wish to all.


Alternative Method- You may use denture tablets (in water) to clean the Microneedle Roller. Denture tables are enzyme cleansers and enzymes take off fat as well as reduce bacteria. While not as effective, you may also use alcohol (isopropyl).


Overnight soaking can kill 99.9 percent of denture germs - Pharmacy shelves are lined with denture cleaning options, from all-natural soaking solutions to high-end ultrasonic devices. It's easy for denture wearers to think one cleaning option is as effective as the next, and therefore choose the fastest or least expensive one. But fast may not be best. By encouraging the use of an overnight soak such as Polident® (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare), dental hygienists can empower patients to kill up to 99.9 percent of the bacteria that colonizes on their prostheses. This level of disinfection may not be reached with many quick-fix cleaning methods. Other good products on the market include Dentist On Call Denture Wipes (Majestic Drugs Company) or ProClean™.


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