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I just got Dan's cleanser, Bp, Moisturizer, aha+, and SA.....i have questions now :)

Im pretty new to acne.org. I think ive started reading on everything here for about a month now and i just got the products but i have a few questions. does anyone have any suggestions on how to use everything...basacally the aha, sa, and bp? i get deep cysts sometimes and i have left over red residue spots here and there on the side of my face and i also get pimples on the bottom of my chin and cheeks....sometimes my nose. should i just use the aha+ for spot treatment at night? im thinking im going to in the morning cleanse my face, put SA on all over my face, then moisturize? then at night cleanse, BP all over my face, then moisturize. if anyone who has been using these products for a long time and have any suggestions for me i would really appreciate it. thank you!


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I'm brand spank new here 2. I also have read a little on treatments before I joined.

Firstly, fair play for ordering all that skincare! I'm waiting on dans BP , currently using quinoderm.

~anyway, you have read the checklist ?

the way I see it, is less is often more. so just cleanse, treat wiv bp (a little at a time, building up to 2 full squirts) & moisturize. x2 morning & night. after a month or so introduce the AHA, to spot treat &/or a night time moisturize ?

I would say just be sensible with the products, as BP, AHA, salicylic acid are powerful and should be treated with respect! you could do more harm than good, good luck

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It is best to wait with the SA and AHA untill your skin has adapted to the BP. SA and AHA are both acids that can be quite harsh on your skin when you start with the Regimen

Dan suggests that you wait at least a month untill you use SA and/or AHA.

Basically what this means is that you have to start off with the cleanser, BP and moisturizer. This will prevent future breakouts. This takes time, but is essential to this Regimen.

After a month or so when you feel your face starts to clear up, and has gotten used to the BP, you can use the SA and/or AHA to further treat your skin. The AHA is perfect for fading red marks that are left behind by previous breakouts, but based on my own experiences with AHA I suggest you wait a while before adding these products to the basic Regimen (cleanser, BP and moisturizer)

Good luck!

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