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I hate my skin =(

I feel so ugly ALL the time, I just want it to go away...

and what makes me feel even worse is that I know I'd be pretty without the acne... before I got it random people used to come up to me and ask me what I model for and I always said "I'm not a model" and they'd say, "OMG you should try out for ANTM) [i'm not lying] now people say I'm pretty but I don't get a reaction like that anymore....

I just got a new dermatologist, becasue frankly, this one did not care at all... He put me on differin and minocyline for EIGHT months straight and I still have acne, and every time I kept going back he was like, well let's just try one more month... and he did absoloutley nothing for my body acne, when I told him about it he just ignored me...

So I just got a new derm... we'll see how that goes...

until then, what OTC products can I use to clear my acne and body acne up, or keep it at bay?

Right now on my back I use cerbolic soap and Oxy maximum stregnth pads....

what kit would you reccomend for my face?

and what kind of perscription usually comes after differin

and what usually comes first for boy acne?


much love <3

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I really hesitate to recommend any major changes, since you're going to be seeing a new derm.

If you still have Differin left, keep using it.

If you don't, just use a mild cleanser, and perhaps the Oxy pads once a day -- unless they irritate your skin?

I suspect that the new derm will try some different topicals. I hope you get a good recommendation on the body acne. There's a whole forum on this board about body acne, by the way .... check it out!

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Welcome to acne.org! You are definitely not alone in this. I know how you feel. When I wear make up to work, people tell me Im pretty and when I dont wear make up, people make comments like, what happened to your face and they give me repulsive stares.

Eight months on antibiotics! Holy cow, thats a long time! I dont blame you for wanting a new derm. It probably makes you really sad too when your derm wouldnt listen to you and respond

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