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Felicia Elaine

Accutane and Weight Gain

Hey guys...

I've been on Accutane for two almost three months now, and before I started I was on a diet and workout plan that took me from 168lbs. to 155lbs. (5'6) in a month and a half, now I think I've gained some of it back, and I haven't changed anything. I've started a more drastic plan as of Monday with more workout, water pills and MegaT. Has anyone who is normally pretty svelte had the same experience. I'm not fat by far, I've been an athelte all my life, but I'm working on a career objective so I need to get down to 136-140lbs, more like the former rather than the latter.

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hey i was also thinking about this too. Im on my third month of accutane and i am seeming to be gaining a little weight aswell. Mainly muscle mass but still im a little thrown off by it and i didnt change much in my diet. I am a mixed martial artist and an avid strength and conditioning dude (couldnt think of a better word at the moment.) And yea its kinda wierd but what i know happens with accutane is that your triglyceride levels in the blood are increased dramatically. Triglycerides are, simply put, fat cells that are present in the blood and muscle tissue. SO im assuming that the fat, protein, and carbs we take in, in our diet stick around longer because our body already has plenty of triglycerides in the blood and tissue. Therefore we gain weight. Thats my theory. may not be correct but im pretty sure the weight gain has something to do with what i just explained. I guess the way to counter this is to simply drop calories down and maybe exercise more. Its hard for me though now because im recovering from an ankle injury... so i cant run and train mma as much. that might also have something to do with it.

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if you're using the ipledge program, are you on oral contraceptives?

i'm 5'9" & before starting OBC, i was 119lbs.

2 weeks later, i was 132.

same diet, & being on a swim/dive team, i swam at least 2 miles a day & ran for 30 mins on top of 3 hours of diving practice 3 times per week.

don't mess with your hormones if you can help it.


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