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Hi im 20 years old from England have have sufered from acne for around 4 years now and it is really bugging me I can't get it out my head. I will wake up with another one everyday and think not again and be so misrable all day then. I have been trying Creasil and have tried other BP products in the past and all them seem to do Is makje my face extremely dry and red. So now starting from this week I have been washing my face 3 times a day with a damp warm cloth and am taking vitamin b5 500mg 4 times a day at present see how it goes.

Above is a picture of how awful it is poor quality but you can see one huge white one. I try not to pop them but if they get irriating and too discusting I fel the need to but mostly don't. Anyone got any advice for me?

I try to pop on sunbeds here and then see if that covers up the redness but doesnt really help. HELP ME PLEASE.

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yoooo from northern ireland and im 19 and been sufferin from around same amount of time as you

try out a product you get in superdrug

its Tea Tree sensitive foaming facial wash, with natural tea tree oil and aloe vera extract. its superdrugs own brand

its the organic route which i took, really helps with the redness and white heads. not a long term solution thou, go to your GP and tried to get refered to a derm which is what i did

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