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15 year old male on accutane. finally.

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im so happy, my mom is going to get the prescription today! iv been waiting to take accutane for over a year, but my derm said i was too young.

iv tried topicals, a bunch of meds, etc etc etc.

i have oily skin, white heads on my chin, "moustache" area, sometimes cheeks and nose, blackheads on the nose, inflammed acne or cysts on the chest, back, and neck, these hard bumps and sometimes cysts on the cheeks, a few zits near the bottom of my forehead.

i also have scars on my cheeks for past acne (4 years of this! although it was mostly minor acne, i started to scar maybe close to a year ago?)

on top of it all, i have a red, shit complextion!

i dont know if that sounds better or worse than it really is hahah.

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oh yeah, for sunscreen, i got neutrogena ultimate sport. its 70+ spf, will this be good enough?

also, is there anything else i should avoid besides alcohol, sunlight, and tylenol?

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ah, someone please help me out really quick?

what should i use for a moistureizer, i just took my first pill.

i have neutrogena ultimate sport sun block, so im good there?

anything else you guys recommend i should take?

fish oil, anything?

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Hi, glad you could finally get accutane!

Right now I use Aveeno Postiviely Radiant Mosturizer. It has SPF 30 in it, I really like it, and my face has gotten pretty dry from accutane.

I've been taking Fish Oil for joint pain, I'm not sure how much it is helping, since I've been experiencing back pain.

I've also been taking a B Complex Vitamin. As long as nothing has Vitamin A in it you should be fine.

Good Luck with your course!!

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thanks kaelyngrace, im definitely gunna look into those products.

day 1

took my first pill about 1 hour 45 minutes ago.

nothing yet, obviously.

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Hey man! Welcome to Accutane and the world of Accutane logs!

Now to answer some of your questions. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 (it's the best out there in my opinion and my Derms). For chapstick I use just your everyday... brand name "Chapstick". For dryness in other parts of my body I use Vaseline Problem Skin Therapy Moisturizer which comes in a tub, not a pump bottle! This is important! Tub's mean little water base and therefore a much purer and longer lasting moisturizer!

As for what to expect... The first month or two will be hell, but after that everything should be fine. Drink tons of water (a simple rule I follow is just to always be sipping on a glass or bottle of water), have a pain killer readily available in your home and at school (advil, aspirin, etc.) just in case you get any headaches or sores and always carry around your chapstick! One rule to note, is get ALOT of sleep. It will help your body deal with the Accutane. Anywho good luck!

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thanks man, so glad to finally go on a drug that has a chance of finally clearing me up!

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day 2

just took my second pill, not much has changed, a couple blackheads look raised, but maybe its just my immagination.

shit, i just realized something. my derm said that normally, the courses he prescribes are 4 months, and only if it is needed, it can be extended to 5.

im starting at 40mg for the first month, and im praying he will at least up my dosage to 60mg for the second month.

my worse fear is that at the end of the forth month, my skin will look clear (what a weird fucking statement), so he wont give me a forth month.

by using the system of 120mg/kilo (im 146 pounds or 66.36 kgs), the mg i would ingest wouldnt be close to my desired amount, however, a extra month would just put me over.


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Your story sounds a lottt like mine, i am starting friday, i am also a male, and i am also 15, ill be keeping track of your log!

Goodluck, and for your lips, id reccommend Carmex, it comes in a little container, its pretty cool, so in school people will all be excited cause you have the sickest chapstick out there.

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hahah, thanks bro, its nice to know someone my age is starting around the same time as i am.

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day 3

i havent taken my pill yet, but ill update now anyway.

a cyst near my eye went down ALOT and one of my cheek went down too. maybe 1 or 2 whiteheads, but still a red, oily, bump-ridden complextion.

no side effects yet, if like, 2 pieces of hair comming off to my hand while i was rubbing shampoo in it. im not worrying about it, as i said, it was like 2 pieces. also, i did not "shed" any noticable hair whatsoever through out the day, and none would come out of my hair when i ran my hands through it, so whatever.

so far so good.

any cleansers i should look into?

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day 4

well, i actually think my skin is starting to look a little better. because of the accutane? probably not, its just that im not using a irritating benzoyl peroxide wash everyday.

the cyst below my eye is like gone, one on my cheek is going down. one whitehead above my upper lip, a few small ones. still have oily skin though, and bumps all around my face.

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day 6

lips are somewhat dry, a little dryness on chin and above my mouth from cleanser.

slight pain in my lower back when i bend, not bad at all

face doesnt look horrible, whatevvvvver.

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day 7

MAN the dryness came. my chin had dead skin all over it, it was horrible. not using the cleanser, might wash my face, definitely using the moisturizer tonight.

a bunch of cysts on my neck (that would hurt if i looked up too hard) have definitely gone down.

so far, if anything, my face has looked better than it did a week ago. i am really really really hoping i dont get an initial breakout..

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day 9

not much has changed, my chin is still flakkkey, damnit. my back is a little sore, but it doesnt bother me. my skin looks slightly better, but the whole dryness thing makes it look not as gooood.

fuck blood tests, too.

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oh my god, a reply!

haha, thanks for posting dude, i know, the dryness does suck, but whatever.

ugggggh, i lost one of my pills today, under the fridge i think (it dropped), im so pissedd. ):

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Hey, thats good to hear that you finally got the medication! good luck on your course

Im currently on like my 4th month or something - I lost count =P

Accutane is very powerful, you will start to see SOMETHING positive within a month

I noticed i had those "black" dots on my nose which are blackheads. and let me just say they are completely gone now! Accutane first gets rid of your actual zits and blackheads and then it works alot on your skins red marks and redness.

Products you should use and are constantly recommended are:



cetaphil moisturizer with spf (they have alot now, with spf 15, 50, etc- you can also use another and i know you have mentioned neutrogena with spf 70 and i think thats way too much, if you think your skin is fair buy the cetaphil spf 15. alot of people used it with great results)


(in evenings, usually shower, again applying cetaphil gentle face wash)

when you get out, apply cetaphil moisturizing LOTION

and that goes for any other day too, right after you wash and pat with towel, directly after apply a moisturizer because it go's to your skin more. :)


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day 27

man its been a while since iv updated. well, so far so good.

iv gotten 2 compliments from 2 of my friends, 1 from my parents, and my derm said that the progress she's seen may be the best shes seen haha.

my neck, which was filled with cysts, has dried up very well.

no more random whiteheads randomly scattered around my face.

my only real complants are two skin colored bumps on the side of my face, but i think they may be going down.

my chest and back are starting to make progress as well.

my arms look much better as well.

i hope my course keeps on going on this well...

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Day 39

Still seeing almost daily improvements. My face is about 60-70% clear, my biggest problem is my neck, but its doing much better than it was. I have gotten a couple breakouts, but they dont even come CLOSE to comparable to as bad as i thought they would be. i really dont even mind the little breakouts. Any acne on my arms is about gone, my chest and back are clearing up too. Any back pain (which was like the first week) has completely stopped with the help of drinking 4 liters of water every day.

so far, i love accutane.

hopefully ill get my dosage raised for next month.

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Day 53

face is still doing gooood. besides this one pretty big cyst high up on my cheek, but according to some friends, besides that, my face looks pretty good. some bumps on my neck also need to go.

chest and back are still clearing up, arms look goodd.

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thanks dude. and yeah, me too haha.

its actually working muchh better than i thought it would. like i expected my face to like, explode with acne for the first two months. but it did the opposite, i started to see a difference just a few days into my course :D

accutane really isnt as big of a deal as i thought it would be, side-effects are minimal thank god.

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Day 60

Not that anyone cares about my log much, probably due to a lack of a catchy title and in-depth posts, keep on posting I shall.

After 2 months of 40mg everyday, I am now up to 60mg for at least 2 more months, most likely 3.

That huge cyst near my eye, is about gone, thank god. Iv gotten two more breakouts in the same cheek, both of which are drying up. My right cheek, however is almost completely clear except for one bump thats going down! My neck is clearing very nicely, as well as my chest and my back.

Ill post probably in a week or so.

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Day 67

Alrighttt, so far the three cysts from hell are drying up on my face, and this one skin colored bump is going down too.

The right side of my face is just about clear, besides that one bump, and my left side is looking okay besides those three cysts, and some other marks.

My arms are 93% clear, and my back and chest are looking better each day.

I looooooove accutane.

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