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help meee

Can accutane really work for life??????

Wondering if anyone knows any stats for the amount of people that stay clear for extended periods of time after completing their courses. It appears that each derm has their own magic cumulative number and that puzzles me because it appears there is no cut and dried number to say that we are cured. Does it matter if u were high or low dose etc etc???

Im on 80 40 2x daily and have been completely cleared bp since day 10 after a horrible IB that was handled beautifully with prednisone. Im only on my 40th day of a 4 month course. (will be going up to 120 a day in last month), and I am hoping that these results will be permanent. Hate to be a pessimist but how can they be? If my lips come back that means we are getting moisture/oil back and if hair gets normal how does the oil not come back in the face causing the acne nightmare again. It appears lots of people on the site are on 3rd and 4th tries. I know although the results have been phenomenal I dont ever want to do this again........soooooo just hoping someone can give some facts and figures like 60 percent stay clear 50 percent stay clear 1 year etc etc. Thanks in advance

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They are on this site for a reason. Because they have Acne. Not alot of people will post a "Accutane worked great for me the first time and I don't have Acne anymore" log. Hehe! Just remember this site while being great, is still a vast minority of Acne sufferers, and Accutane users, and has a higher concentration of people with ridiculously persitant Acne then the day to day real world.

Now to your statistics, my Derm says that only about 2-3 of every 10 of her Accutane patients require a second course, and that only about 1 out of every 10 will require a third or fourth course. She also said that it's only the very extreme cases that ever require more then a second course. Also, she told me (I asked the same questions as you) that even if I do require a second course, which she says is very unlikely for me (I am on Accutane for persistant Moderate Acne), usually her relapse patients remain clear for at least a few months after the treatment. So at worst you should have clear skin for about 2-3 months after your treatment, even if you are going to relapse... which is unlikely.

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i too thank you! i just went to the derm today and am 1 month away from starting!!!! this def reassured me thank you so so much!

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