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For the past month I have made drastic changes to my diet since my acne was aggravated by BP and my right cheek was disfigured with lesions. However, I do not follow my diet as strictly during the weekend. This past weekend I ate ice cream which had caramel and chocolate in it and drank some wine. I also consumed red meat.

When the week rolls around I am back to being a health nut, i'll drink my green smoothies, eat fruit and vegetables religiously, drink water, tea with lemon juice, and take my fish oil pills.

Does it matter that I cheated during the weekend, how far will it set me back?

Since this diet change is new to me, I still have very strong cravings for sweets and red meat.

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Well all I can say is you should be fine. Unless you have a reaction to those foods, you should be fine.

I am not as advanced as some of the people here on the holistic forum, meaning I don't know how to tell what food causes a reaction yet. It's hard enough to pinpoint what topical causes a reaction, let alone what foods. So for now I am just avoiding most gluten, dairy, and sweets (except occasionally on weekends).

I think it will be beneficial for me to start a food journal and how my skin looks that day. What are other methods used to help recognize what foods trigger acne?

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