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3 months into the regimen... and saving so much money!!

I've been on the Acne.org regimen for about 3 months and not only has my skin cleared up but I've saved sooooooooo much money on skincare!!

I used to be a skincare snob and regularly spent around £100 a month on different skincare products. However no matter what I used, I always had acne persistently. Consequently I was always looking out for something better and spent so much money on things that didn't work.

The Acne.org regimen is, however, extremely economical. I spent about £20 on the Acne.org BP (I think that's including shipping?) and after daily use for 3 months the bottle's still more than half full! To be fair I only use very small amounts of BP and that's enough to keep me clear (maybe 2 pea-sized amount for the evening and half that in the morning) so one bottle can last me like half a year which works out to be £4 a month for the BP.

Because the BP keeps acne at bay, I can get away with using pretty much whatever cleanser/moisturiser plus I wanted something simpler to go with the regimen. I've used the cheapest moisturising cream from Boots (costs like £2) with no problem and the Boots Sensitive Skin Range also works beautifully with the regimen.

I use Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil to remove makeup still because I bought a big bottle before I started the regimen (it costs £50). It works fine but I've recently discovered Pond's Cold Cream. Before the Regimen it never occured to me that a cold cream would work since it's so cheap and greasy but to my surprise, the Pond's Cold Cream was amaaaazing and cheap!

In conclusion the Regimen not only cleared my skin (I'd say I'm 99% clear now with a few odd marks) but changed my perspective about skincare. I now realised you don't have to break the bank to have beautiful skin! Everyone around me has noticed how much my skin's improved and they'd probably be shocked to find out I now use a £2 skin cream!!

Thanks Dan for the amazing product! Please don't stop making the BP!!

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yeah this is sooo true...no more spending on products that are just gonna be a waste!!! i can get away with using a finger full but only once a day!

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im using PanOxyl.....

And well, I think its very harsh and drying.

How did you go about buying Dans? Im in the UK too!

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