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Accutane - THE last Resort

hi all

i am 39 going on 40. been battling with pimple/acne for most of my adult life from mid 20's

products/treatmens from beauty salons, long term intensive antibiotics treatment, finally BC Diane 35 to have a clear face in my 30's.

stopped BC for a year, realised face became oily but ignore it as face is still clear with ocasional breakout until TOP. now battling the most servere form of acne - cystic acne.

started BC pills Diane 35 in oct 08.

1st dermatologist prescribe antibiotics, with expensive yet ineffective laser treatment, followed by corticosteriod injection for 2 months. it got worse. last resort prescibe 10mg accutane daily started in Dec 08.

2nd dermatoglist prescribe stronger antibioties & oral steriods, topical cream & continue 20mg on alternate days for 2 months.

3rd dermatologist increase to 40mg daily from March 09 and now on two drugs. BC & Accutane.

3 months into accutane, dry lips and zero social life. cystic acne gets bigger.

fear of corticosteroid injection as experience relapse into abscess acne.

professional life affected as confidence level erodes month on month since oct 08.

now i have to hide my face under layers of make up foundation to cover the 3 large inflammed spots which is disgusting.

when will i have the clear face & life back :(

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Are you clearing up now? Seems you are seeing that you only have 3 inflamed pimples. Most people do stop breaking out at month 3 but some do have prolong breakouts. You need to be patient, the breakouts imply that accutane is doing its work and clearing your pores and by the end of your course, you will have no more acne.

I wish you good luck!

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