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need some input (only positive please)

ugh well this sucks to write for anyone. bad scarring or light scarring alike it is one of the most horrible tragedies that i think we have to deal with as far as our looks. doesnt help im in high school where people are constantly judging and care about their appearances so much. and girls these days dont seem to look at me the same way they did last year :[[

well my acne slowly started getting out of control, and long story short i used about every retinoid and dermatologist recommended product, new derms, ANYTHING to control it. Proactiv, Murad, everything over the ****ing counter ha.

and obsessed about getting rid of it. and what pisses me off is that all that couldn't help it. It just upsets me that since 8th grade me and my family have been forking money into the dermatologic system just to end up with the horrible skin i feared.

BTW Retin-A gave me my first pitted pimple. So never recommend that stuff EVER to me. I hate it. It also made me sensitive and stung.

Well, eventally at the beginning of 10th grade (this year) I was prescribed accutane.

40mg 1st MO

80mg for the rest

Cleared up, now I just get a few clogged pores and my skincare keeps all blackheads away, basically I have NEAR perfect skin and now keep inflammation away with consumption of anti-inflammitory foods such as salmon, cucumbers, fish oil etc. I'm also no longer oily

I'm 2 months post tane now.

So now im gonna talk about my latest demon, the WORST part, far worse than having the acne.

The scarring i've acquired...

So many of you will say oh get over it, cuz my scarring could be a LOT worse. we caught it before it got much worse.

In fact my derm says theres a chance my scarring will completely raise and heal, its pretty mild. but it completely effects me. sorry to offend those that have more severe scarring, but don't be rude to me just because mine isn't terrible, because I think about it every waking moment sadly.

Well here's my question. One, is it really possible they can fill in? Because my derm and parents are adament that it could happen, they are all much less than 1mm deep to start with.

The worst I have is about .2 .25 MM. i know big whoop but theyre long and purple.

So if they don't go away on their own,

I'm gonna have dermabrasion. I know, I'm young and it's a serious procedure. as long as I look better, IDC the pain or humiliation i get for a month or 2 from it. Would the dermabrasion be able to fully remove these pits from my face or whatever is left of them 10 months down the road? (you have to wait 12 months to get the dermabrasion)

Obviously I have heard that getting a skilled plastic surgeon is the utmost importance in this procedure, money is not an obstacle thankfully.

Thank you for anyone who replies, I feel for ALL of you, You're all amazing people and sorry that you have to go through this. It is a horrible thing to have to deal with, and you are all strong to go through it, no matter the severity.

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