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The side of my face I consider worst

Hey guys, tomorrow marks the end of my third month on tane (well, third month and 1 week to be precise but I'm counting from Jan 1st!)

ANYWAY back to the point, here is a photo of the side of my face I consider worst, I'm not very pleased with the results so far, should I be seeing more results by now? It has improved but I don't know, I'm having doubts about how much more it will improve by the end of the course. (courses last about 5 months? I think my derm said 5 I forgot)

Did anybody here experience a sudden surge of improvement? I just want to get rid of this acne already so I can start living life again, excuse how scruffy I look in the photo I don't go out so I haven't exactly shaved in a few weeks or made any effort to look good. :dance:

and lol at the hair on my cheek, ugh..



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Some people don't notice significant improvement until they've gotten well into their course, and some people don't notice their skin clearing up until after they've finished their course. It's different for everybody. How bad was your acne before Accutane? From your photos, it honestly looks like you just have red marks. The active acne on your face is hardly mild, and your pores aren't even noticeable. If you're not experiencing debilitating side effects, just continue with your course, you'll probably see improvement by the end of it.

I've never had cysts or anything like that, just red marks and the odd few spots, of course sometimes it can be worse.

If I feel my face it actually all feels smooth for the most part (forehead is bumpy and the area near my chin), I just really want the marks to fade already. They look a lot worse in real life.

Guess I have no choice but to wait and see.

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