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initial breakout question!

Hi everyone :)

Sorry if this is a little long!

After struggling with my worst breakout ever (I'm 20, & I've had acne since I was 11) I finally broke down & went to see the dermatologist. I've been before but haven't in the last couple years. I was on Dan's Regimen for about 2 months, and while it seemed to stop many new breakouts from forming, I was scared it wouldn't be enough. I also couldn't stand the thought of having to but BP on my face every morning & night for the rest of my life! gah! lol.

Okay, well my derm prescribed me Minocycline 100mg 2x a day & Retin-A Micro for night. I read that the RAM would cause an initial breakout after about week 2. The thing is, I'm only on day four, and I have been getting a lot of whiteheads the last couple days where my clogged comedones are on my chin and cheeks. I haven't experienced much drying or peeling yet either. Could this ALREADY be my initial breakout? I don't know if it's coming earlier because of the excessive amounts of BP & AHA lotion I've used in the last 2 months or what. I'm scared I'm doing something wrong! What do you think? Thanks

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I went on RAM and it ruined my skin. I didn't have very bad acne and it dried out my face soooo much that it caused worse acne all over my face! I now have horrible scars and am dealing with acne still after about a year. RAM didn't help me one bit.

You could just be getting really dry so make SURE you MOISTURIZE LIKE CRAZY!!!!

And wear sunscreen/avoid sun exposure!

and drink lots of water!!

I don't want this to scare you! I know people that RAM worked wonders for!!

Good luck!!!

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Yeah, I'm not sure how to feel about RAM yet. It doesn't seem to be doing anything that it's supposed to be, as in drying/peeling/flaking. I just seem to be breaking out more. Idk really. I'm just hoping this is the dreaded initial breakout :/ though, I doubt it because it's only been 4 day. ughhh I guess I'll see.

But my acne is pretty bad, so maybe RAM was just too harsh for you if your skin wasn't bad to start out with.

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Hey I just started a similar regimen of Doxycycline 100mg 2x a day and Retin-A Micro 0.04% and I wanted to know how your regimen was going.

I'm keeping track of my progress in my acne.org blog but i've only been using these for about 6 days and nothing has happened so far. Haha.

I hope we can help eachother out.



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Hello! I'm finishing my third week right now. The first couple of days I broke out a little, but not too bad. I thought that this could possibly be my initial breakout (because of the fact that I'd been using other products consistently for so long), but it definitely wasn't. I started to clear up after the first week. But then this week I have been breaking out a lot :( it sucks, but now I know this is the initial breakout for sure. In all honesty though, it's not THAT BAD. I think the anti-biotic really does it's job, because they only last a couple days. I'm hoping maybe a week more of it and it'll be over with. Also, the retin-a micro never really caused my skin to get too dry, but it does peel a bit. I'm just going to stick through it and see where it takes me!

Keep me posted on how you're doing! good luck :)

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