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perscription treatment and pregnancy

doc already has me on eryomithicin 250mg 3x daily (starting beginning of March and as of last week added the 3rd pill) so that's 750mg total. 4 weeks on 500/day saw no improvement

topicals include eyromithicin 2% and azaelic acid using a mild facial wash.

i go in for WEEKLY often TWICE WEEKLY cortisone injections with the most ever at one time being 14. last Thursday i had 12 injections and tomorrow (5 days later) i will be getting 10 MORE injected. i also have another appointment scheduled for friday - so that's 2 this week.

the injections last for a few days (2 really) before i start getting large painful ones again.

most seem to be on the forehead, between the eyes, around the nose and smile lines on both sides, upper lip and all over the chin. what i am getting on my cheeks are small whiteheads and bumps.

i have an appointment tomorrow - is there ANYTHING else i could try?

btw i am 19 weeks pregnant with twin boys.

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I can't and won't recommend much of anything for someone who is pregnant. :( Sorry, I just don't wish to take such a huge risk. I don't know anything about the cleanser you're using; have you tried Cetaphil? It's gentle and non-medicated.

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do you think the amount and frequency of my injections is a problem??

benzaclin is safe for pregnancy right? that's just bp and climidacin, both at cat b meds.

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Those are questions you'd need to ask your obstetrician. I can't answer in the affirmative; I'm a registered nurse and thus have more strict rules upon my advice than an average layperson would have.

I would stay away from as many medications as possible during pregnancy and that is pretty much all I can say.

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