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prior to pregnancy i was taking adoxa 500mg with benzaclin and tazorac 5 gel with a light face wash. now i'm 19 weeks pregnant and no longer take adoxa, benzaclin or tazorac. :(

at 10 weeks my skin started EXPLODING with cycstic/nodular acne all around the forehead, nose, upper lip and chin area. i see the derm once and sometimes twice a week for cortisone injections.

she put me on eryomythicin 250mg 2x daily 4 weeks ago and we just upped it to 250mg 3x daily last thursday so obviously no improvements have been seen.

right now, at this very minute, i have over 8 painfully huge cysts growing on my face, all over my chin and forehead. ughhhhhhh! i have NO self esteem and cry ALL the time. i tend to feel better once they get injected but that only lasts for a day or so before i start getting more.

i get lots of anxiety about going to the derm so much, weekly, but i just feel like there is nothing lese that could possibly work.

she gave me topical eryomythicin and azaelic acid to use as topicals but neither do anything for the big ones. i use bp as a spot treatment on ones that it will work on, papules, whiteheads, things like that.

the most injections i have gotten in one sitting was 14 and then i was back exactly 1 week later getting 12 injections. now i'm going back 5 days later to get 10 injections and will be going back AGAIN on friday for more.

is there NOTHING i can do?

seriously this skin crap is only adding to my already messed up mental health status and pregnancy hormones don't make this any easier.

i thought carrying boys meant you were beautiful and girls stole your beauty????

please help. my appointment is tomorrow afternoon and i would like to have SOME ideas to talk to her about in between injections.

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First of all congradulations :D I really feel for you and understand what you are going through. I too suffered from severe acne cysts and nodules while pregnant with my son who is now four months old. I mainly broke out on my cheeks and it didn't matter what I did it just seemed to get worse. I too was really depressed because of the way that I looked and hated going any where or being seen by anyone.

There is nothing on the internet with regards to acne and pregnancy that is helpful. My doctor was useless and said I couldn't have anything until after I had the baby. I went to see a naturopath that was a total was of time and $.

My acne settled down when I was about 7 months pregnant I know it's a long time to wait and it feels like forever. The only thing that helped with the lumps was gently cleaning my face morning and night with luke warm water and a face cloth. This seemed to stop new lumps from forming (I don't call them spots because they were big ugly lumps.

I also used tea tree oil to treat the lumps which also seemed to help. I don't think anything that you take or use in the early stages of pregnancy works because your hormones are so out of wack.

I hope someone can help you, wish I had more information for you but mine just went away as my pregnancy progressed.

Good Luck :angel:

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Oh! I just realized that there is something you can do that won't be harmful. In addition to your gentle cleansing only twice a day, you could also glide an ice cube gently over your whole face twice a day after cleansing. That can help inflammation (redness and swelling), and help the skin feel better and help the cysts heal a little bit better as they're not so inflamed.

I hope your derm visit goes well today.

And also, congratulations! :D

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congrats! i am so jealous, i've always wanted to be a mommy but i have to finish college first =(

realize it's too late now, but may as well...my aunt had some pretty bad acne during her pregnancy and she used something called evoclin, which is clindamycin foam that's supposed to penetrate into the skin better than clindamycin lotion or cream...worth a shot? it helped her. she still had breakouts here and there but lots of pregnant women do...or, it may be that the erythromycin needs a couple more weeks to kick in (probably the case)

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