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so, i have some good news!

one, it seems like the regimen i'm on (BP and clindamycin phosphate, topical) is really working wonders for me. my skin feels and looks smoother, healthier, and much less irritated. its been about three weeks since i started the regimen, so i think it's ample time to analyze results.

but here's something i've always heard and never been too sure about. does stress cause acne? it might be true for those with hormonal or mild acne in their teens and early adult life, but what about those of us with chronic, lifetime acne? does mood and overall satisfaction in life help your skin?

here's why i'm asking. basically, i just started a really exciting new relationship. to sum it up, i've liked the guy for a while, and things are going pretty much fantastic. and i couldn't help but notice how much he complimented me on being pretty, and it made me wonder if part of what made me look better was the simple fact that i was so content. i HAVE been noticing that my skin looks almost totally clear, especially with makeup.

could it just be the medicine i'm using? or could this new romance be working into the equation? i've always felt stressed when i break out, but i think it's BECAUSE i'm breaking out. has anyone else ever noticed clearer skin when they were happier with life? or worse breakouts when you were unhappy?

comments please!!

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It doesn't work like an antibiotic designed to kill p.acnes.

And I agree with Charlotte.

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