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Advice needed...please help.

I'm 17 years old, and I need some advice. I've only been shaving for about a year, so I get irritation in those areas (mostly my neck). Also, my pores on my forehead are enlarged. Finally, I have lots of noninflamed acne on my chin and sides of face. Up close they look like little white dots. My self esteem seems to be at an all time low, because in 3 days I leave on a school trip. Any advice? My regimen is merely this:

Day: Wash with neutrogena bar.

Night: Wash with neutrogena bar. Apply Dan's AHA+ to face.

I used to be on minocycline + benzaclin, and it worked well, but I was afraid of side effects (I felt nauseous and such) so I quit.

Any advice would be great. Thanks guys.

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Lemon is good for irritation bumps left from shaving. Just rub over area a few times a day and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

As far as your chin, along with your forehead its the hardest place to be acne free. If you just started your regimen then give it time to work. If you have been on it for over 4 months and you see no improvement then stop.

I always advise people to go see a Derm if all else fails.

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I'm thinking about getting some of Dan's BP and going on the regimen. I'm also gonna drink nothing but water to see if that helps (perhaps sugar and other unhealthy foods are bad?)

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