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How I use the Regimen

Hey all,

Just wanted to share how I use Dan's regimen. I use a cetaphil and nuetrogena wash in the morning, followed by Dan's BP gel and cetaphil cream moisturizer.

Now, what I think is key for my acne is not what I do in the morning, but what I do at night. I noticed that my acne was worse on whichever side of my face touched the pillow at night. Not sure why, but I just added a normal amount of Dan's BP gel with no moisturizer to add a thin protective layer on my face. I also try and sleep on my back as much as possible. Ever since I have been doing this, I have been acne free.

I did try adding moisturizer, but I think this was counter productive as it allowed the BP to get wet and would wipe off as I slept. I do add moisturizer though around the eye area and I do not apply BP to this area to prevent irritation.

I don't know if this is the actual reason for my reduction in acne, but it works seems to be working and I am going to keep doing it until it stops. I also stay away from greasy, fried food not because I think eating them causes acne but the fact that its near your face and could clog pores.

I think if you are just beginning the regimen, this may be to harsh on your skin but once your skin adjusts, give it a try and let me know how it works.

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Think I'm gonna give this a try (No moisturizer). Hope that it will work out well!

EDIT: Darn it! I accidentally applied too much BP and my face irritates like hell... I think I'm gonna start using moisturizer...

Anyway, this method (Without moisturizer) seem to work as great as the original regime. According to my bro, he said my face did look better so I guess it did work for me too.

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